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Hybrid Cars for Sale in Pakistan (1813)

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    • Lahore
    • 2013
    • 39,000 km
    • Hybrid
    • 1500 cc
    • Automatic
    PKR 18.5 lacs
    Last Updated: about 1 hour ago
    • Lahore
    • 2014
    • 5,000 km
    • Hybrid
    • 1500 cc
    • Automatic
    PKR 18.5 lacs
    Last Updated: about 2 hours ago
    • Lahore
    • 2015
    • 59,300 km
    • Hybrid
    • 1500 cc
    • Automatic
    PKR 30 lacs
    Last Updated: about 4 hours ago
    • Islamabad
    • 2014
    • 31,000 km
    • Hybrid
    • 1500 cc
    • Automatic
    PKR 22.5 lacs
    Last Updated: about 11 hours ago
    • Faisalabad
    • 2011
    • 103,700 km
    • Hybrid
    • 1500 cc
    • Automatic
    PKR 16.75 lacs
    Last Updated: about 14 hours ago
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    • Lahore
    • 2012
    • 74,000 km
    • Hybrid
    • 1500 cc
    • Automatic
    PKR 18.5 lacs
    Last Updated: about 15 hours ago

Hybrid Cars in Pakistan

Hybrid cars are considered fuel-efficient and environment-friendly because of low emission of CO2. Moreover, the electric engine of a hybrid car is noiseless and drives efficient.

What is a Hybrid Car and How Does It Work?

A hybrid vehicle uses more than one form of on-board energy to achieve drive momentum. Hybrid cars have both traditional internal-combustion engine with a fuel tank and an electric motor with a battery pack. Internal-combustion powers the car on high speed and electric engine powers the car on the low speed. 

Most Popular Hybrid Cars in Pakistan

Pakistani car market is full of Honda hybrid cars and Toyota hybrid cars. Popular Hybrid cars in Pakistan are Toyota Prius, Toyota Aqua, Honda Fit, Honda Vezel, Lexus RX Series, and Toyota Crown. The expensive fuel has been a major reason for the popularity of Hybrid Cars in Pakistan. These cars give better fuel mileage as compared with non-hybrid vehicles and are considered environmentally friendly, which is another reason of getting hybrid cars. 

Toyota Prius Hybrid

Prius, a product of Japanese auto manufacturer Toyota, is one of the earliest hybrid cars in Pakistan. The perfect exterior and interior make this car a popular choice in Pakistan. Prius has a good fuel economy, and it is considered an environment-friendly car. Prius has been popular in Pakistan because of its fuel efficiency, gorgeous interior and sleek exterior. People prefer Prius over locally manufactured non-hybrid same price category cars because of the magnificent fuel efficiency and salient features of Prius. Normally, non-hybrid vehicles of same price category as Prius give fuel average between 8 KM/L and 15 KM/L. However, Prius gives an average fuel economy of 25 KM/L. 

Toyota Prius Price in Pakistan 

The price of Toyota Prius hybrid is dependent upon the model, import year, and mileage covered by the car. Toyota Prius 2013 costs around PKR 24 Lacs in Pakistan. Toyota Prius 2014 price ranges between PKR 26 Lacs and PKR 30 Lacs. However, Toyota Prius 2015 costs around PKR 40 Lacs.     

Toyota Aqua Hybrid

Toyota Aqua, another product of Toyota, was launched in December 2011 in Japan. This 100% hybrid car is popular in Pakistan because of its stylish design and fuel efficiency. The three available variants of Toyota Aqua in Pakistan are Aqua G, Aqua S, and Aqua L. Toyota Aqua fuel consumption is 22-24 KM/L.

Toyota Aqua Price in Pakistan

The price of used Toyota Aqua is dependent upon various factors such as the condition of the car, model, mileage, and imported year. 2013 Toyota Aqua’s average cost is around PKR 17 Lacs. Toyota Aqua 2014 average price is around PKR 19 Lacs. However, Toyota Aqua 2015 costs around PKR 21 Lacs. 

Honda Fit Hybrid

Honda Fit Hybrid is one of the Honda Hybrid cars available in Pakistan. The car has a four-cylinder engine. This hatchback car gives fuel economy between 14 KM/L and 18 KM/L. 

Honda Fit Price in Pakistan

Honda Fit 2014 costs between PKR 18 lacs and PKR 20 Lacs. However, 2015 Honda Fit’s price ranges between PKR 20-22 lacs. 

Honda Vezel Hybrid

Vezel is a subcompact crossover SUV manufactured by Honda. Honda Vezel was first introduced into the Japanese auto market in 2013. Honda Vezel has the engine capacity of 1497cc and 4 cylinders along with 16 valves. Vezel has luxurious and modern interior and exterior. Honda Vezel hybrid version gives an average fuel economy of 27 KM/L on Pakistani roads.

Honda Vezel Price in Pakistan

2014 Honda Vezel price ranges between PKR 30 Lacs and PKR 36 Lacs. However, Honda Vezel 2015 costs around PKR 38 Lacs. 

Lexus RX Hybrid

Lexus RX Hybrid is a midsize luxury SUV manufactured by the luxury Japanese car maker. In Pakistani market, Lexus RX 400h and Lexus RX 450h are available. However, Lexus RX 450h is more popular. This luxurious car is known for the comfortable interior, stunning exterior and good ride quality. 

Lexus RX Price in Pakistan

The average price of Lexus RX 450h 2011 is around PKR 65 Lacs. However, the Lexus RX 450h 2012 costs around PKR 85 Lacs.

In the category of luxury hybrid cars, Toyota Crown, Toyota Harrier, and Honda Accord Hybrid are also popular cars in Pakistan.

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