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Plus Inspection Service

CarSure Plus is specifically designed for people interested in buying or selling Used Cars. Inspected cars are safer to buy and also sell much faster. In CarSure Plus, our team of experts inspects the car on 200+ inspection points which includes Engine, Suspension, Electrical, Interior, Exterior and Frame for faults and problems using sophisticated tools and techniques.

Full Body and Structural Inspection

Inspection is done for repainted panels, dents, scratches and chassis integrity

  • Paint
  • Pillars
  • Core Support
  • Strut Towers
  • Firewall
  • Hood
  • Boot
  • Fenders
  • Doors
  • Under Body Shields
Full Body Frame Inspection

Exterior Body & Frame

Inspection is done to evaluate the condition of exterior components

Exterior Body Frame

Engine and Transmission Inspection

Inspection is done to determine the engine and transmission health.

  • Fluids/Filters
  • Engine Sound
  • Engine Mounts
  • Transmission Mounts
  • Engine Starter
  • Exhaust Condition
  • Exhaust Sound
  • Head Gasket
  • Radiator
  • Pulleys
  • Hoses/Belts
Engine and Transmission Inspection

Brakes, Suspension and Tire Inspection

Inspection is done to find out the condition of braking system, suspension and tires.

  • Brake Pads / Shoes
  • Brake Disks / Drums
  • Front Springs
  • Rear Springs
  • Ball Joints
  • Tie Rods
  • Steering Box
  • Steering Column
  • Z Links
  • Tire Health
  • Tire Tread
  • Wheels / Rims
Brakes, Suspension and Tire Inspection

A/C and Electrical Inspection

Inspection is done to check the functionality of air-conditioning and other electrical/electronic components

  • Compressor
  • Condenser
  • Blower
  • Battery Voltage
  • Alternator
  • Charging
  • Controls and Knobs
A/C and Electrical Inspection

Interior Inspection

Inspection is done to evaluate the condition of interior components

Complete Interior Check

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