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How to import a car in Pakistan? - Car Import

It is common to face difficulties when you are in the market to buy an imported car in Pakistan. Sometimes the color is undesirable, the grade is low, mileage is high; you’re not sure about your purchase. If you are one of those people who are not satisfied with the options available in the market, then you are at the right place. You can now import your favorite car with desired options, grade, mileage and any other thing that bothers you when buying a vehicle from the local market, without having to leave your computer. Just tell us your needs and let our partners take care of the rest.

Car Import News

Tesla Custom Duty Fiasco – Customs officials demand clarification from FBR


December 07, 2017

We at PakWheels reported in October that a white 2016 Tesla S70 has landed in Pakistan–first ever Tesla electric car to make its way to the country. We discussed its Pros and Cons in detail for PakWheelers so that they can easily understand the implications of importing and driving the car on Pakistani roads. And...

FBR Has Not Imposed New Regulatory Duty On The Import Of Vehicles


June 25, 2017

Recently news regarding the FBR imposing duty on imported vehicles went viral in Pakistan. Top News Publications and Media houses gave the news that FBR has imposed UP to 60 percent regulatory duty on the import of vehicles. This news of regulatory duty  imposed on Imported vehicles created panic among the buyers and dealers  of...

Pakistani Rickshaws Make their way to Japan


June 20, 2017

Japan has traditionally been a major market for international and domestic car buyers, renowned globally for their impeccable automotive auction houses aimed to provide added benefits to car buyers.A recent news of Japan importing three wheeler rickshaws from Pakistan  came as a surprise to the automotive world as Japan is not known for importing auto-vehicles...

Punjab Government to Charge A Fix Tax on Imported Used Cars!


June 14, 2016

Yesterday, Punjab’s Finance Minister Aisha Ghaus Pasha announced that the Government of Punjab would impose a one-time tax on imported used cars. The statement came during the announcement of the province’s Finance Bill 2016-17. Also Read: Government Tightens Procedures On Import Of Used Cars! The amount of the fixed one-time tax varies with the engine...

Car Import Guides

Dissecting the new regulatory import tax on automobiles in Pakistan

It turns out that government is seriously willing to stable the value of rupee as for quite some time now the value of rupee has been uncertain, which is affecting the overall economy of ...more »

Government Tightens Procedures On Import Of Used Cars!

To curb the misuse by commercial importers of Commerce Ministry’s schemes and to boost new investment in our auto industry, the government has decided to harden the procedures of importin...more »

Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions About Importing A Car To Pakistan Yourself

Navigating through the car import guide, you must have gained useful knowledge about importing a car to Pakistan followed by various other topics related to car import. Before we move on ...more »